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Trainings in English supervised by ICMUB's members


MASTER UBFC in Molecular Chemistry - T2MC (Transition Metals in Molecular Chemistry)

The Master degree "Molecular Chemistry" with a specialization in "Transition Metals in Molecular Chemistry" (ISITE-BFC excellency programme 2019-2023) focuses on training skillful chemists capable of managing the various research, development and/or organisational aspects of a molecular chemistry project as well as making them aware of the modern constraints of Chemistry (saving material and energy, respect for people safety, environment and goods). Students are therefore trained in research and in being capable of integrating into the professional sphere, national as well as international.

The master also belongs to the Graduate Schools EIPHI and INTHERAPI.

Persons in charge:
Pr. Ewen Bodio
Dr. Christine Goze
Dr. Richard Decréau

Wesite and links:
Introduction video


MASTER UBFC in Drugs Science - ID (Innovative Drugs)

Assocition between the Sciences Médicales et Pharmaceutiques Faculty of the Université de Franche-Comté (Besançon, France) and the Sciences de Santé Faculty of the Université de Bourgogne (Dijon, France), the master Innovative Drugs (ISITE-BFC excellency programme 2019-2023) proposes original lectures allowing students to acquire twin skills in innovative drugs and diagnosis. It offers students a training in new therapies such as the use of lipoproteins as drugs' vectors, pharmaco-imaging or transport and targeting nanosystems.

This master also belongs to the Graduate School INTHERAPI.

Persons in charge:
Dr. Bertrand Collin
Dr. Arnaud Béduneau (Université de Franche-Comté - Besançon, France)
Pr. Anthony Romieu (Chemistry part)
Pr. Ewen Bodio



MASTER in Chemistry - MMHD (Molecular Chemistry and Metals for Health and sustainable Development)

The Master Program Mention “Chimie Moléculaire” parcours “Molecular chemistry and Metals for Heath and sustainable Development” (MMHD) provides an education in molecular chemistry in connection with metals of transition. It is the only training at master level dedicated to Molecular Chemistry in Bourgogne Franche-Comté. It distinguishes from other formations in France and Europe by giving skills in chemistry for both health and sustainable development. The master “Chimie Moléculaire et Procédés Propres” has been replaced by the Master “MMHD” and M2 courses are dispensed in English. A double degree agreement has been signed in July 2017 between UBFC and University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague (UCT Prague). It favors students exchange in between both Universities and give an international focus to this training. 

Persons in charge:
Prof. Pierre Le Gendre
Dr Ewen Bodio
Dr Richard Decreau
Dr Charles Devillers