EMMD - Electrochemistry, Molecular Materials and Devices

EMMD (Electrochemistry, Molecular Materials and Devices) research activities are devoted to molecular materials, from molecules to materials and from materials to devices. Electrochemical techniques are used to synthesize, to immobilize and to detect chemical or biological species. The synthetic aspect relates to the synthesis and functionalization of macrocycles (porphyrins, phthalocyanines…) and polymers. The analytical aspect 1) exploits the redox properties of compounds or sensitive layers (biomaterials, conducting polymers, charge-transfer complexes, …) for the characterization and the detection of biomolecules or chemical pollutants in sensor devices; 2) to apprehend reaction mechanism of molecular processes. Our projects are focused on applications in the fields of environment, health and food industry.

GUILBAUD Johan Voir la fiche profil en français Français (FR)

  • GUILBAUD Johan
  • Statut : PhD Student
  • Team : OCS
  • Function : PhD students
  • Tags : Catalysis, Coordination chemistry, Organometallic chemistry
  • Address :

    ICMUB Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l'Université de Bourgogne
    Bât. MIRANDE - Aille B - Bureau 321
    9 Avenue Alain Savary
    21000 Dijon – France

  • Tél : +33 380 393 680
  • johan.guilbaud@u-bourgogne.fr

Palladium-catalyzed thioethers synthesis overcoming palladium dithiolate resting states inertness: practical road to sulfones and NH-sulfoximines Johan Guilbaud, Marine Labonde, Awatef Selmi, Majed Kammoun, Hélène Cattey, Nadine Pirio, Julien Roger and Jean-Cyrille Hierso, Catalysis Communication 2018, 111, 52.

(2-Pyridyl)sulfonyl Groups for ortho-Directing Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon–Halogen Bond Formation at Functionalized Arenes Johan Guilbaud, Marine Labonde, Hélène Cattey, Sylvie Contal, Christian Montalbetti, Nadine Pirio, Julien Roger and Jean-Cyrille Hierso, Adv. Synth. Catal. 2017, 359, 3792.

α‑C‑Glycosides via syn Opening of 1,2-Anhydro Sugars with Organozinc Compounds in Toluene/n‑Dibutyl Ether Simon Wagschal, Johan Guilbaud, Pauline Rabet, Vittorio Farina, and Sébastien Lemaire, J. Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 9328.

Publication highlighted in Synfacts 2015, 11(12), 1304  

Participation and oral communication in Gecom concoord held at Longeville-sur-mer (France), May 2018.

Participation and oral communication in Days of doctoral school held at Dijon (France), June 2018.

Participation and poster communication in Days of doctoral school held at Dijon (France), May 2017.

Participation and oral communication in SCF grand-Est congress held at Mulhouse (France), May 2017.