EMMD - Electrochemistry, Molecular Materials and Devices

EMMD (Electrochemistry, Molecular Materials and Devices) research activities are devoted to molecular materials, from molecules to materials and from materials to devices. Electrochemical techniques are used to synthesize, to immobilize and to detect chemical or biological species. The synthetic aspect relates to the synthesis and functionalization of macrocycles (porphyrins, phthalocyanines…) and polymers. The analytical aspect 1) exploits the redox properties of compounds or sensitive layers (biomaterials, conducting polymers, charge-transfer complexes, …) for the characterization and the detection of biomolecules or chemical pollutants in sensor devices; 2) to apprehend reaction mechanism of molecular processes. Our projects are focused on applications in the fields of environment, health and food industry.

FOURNIER Antoine Voir la fiche profil en français Français (FR)

  • FOURNIER Antoine
  • Statut : PhD Student
  • Team : OCS
  • Function : PhD students
  • Function in second team : Former members
  • Tags : Catalysis, Electrosynthesis, Green chemistry, Synthetic chemistry
  • ORCID : 0000-0003-1563-9926
  • Address :

    ICMUB Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l'Université de Bourgogne
    Bât. MIRANDE - Aille B - Bureau 321
    9 Avenue Alain Savary
    21000 Dijon – France

  • Tél : +33 380 393 680
  • antoine_fournier@etu.u-bourgogne.fr

Imidazolium and Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate Salts as Ecofriendly Organocatalysts for Oxazolidinone Synthesis. A. H. Fournier, G. de Robillard, C. H. Devillers, L. Plasseraud, J. Andrieu, Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2016, 3514–3518, DOI : 10.1002/ejoc.201600550

Procédé de Préparation de Liquides Ioniques Biosourcés Pour La Catalyse, J. Andrieu, C. H. Devillers, G. de Robillard, A. H. Fournier, 2017, WO 2017009578 A1

Bio-based 1,3-diisobutylimidazolium hydrogenoxalate [iBu2IM](HC2O4) as CO2 shuttle. G. de Robillard, A. H. Fournier, H. Cattey, C. H. Devillers, J. Andrieu, Green Chem.2017, 19, 4912-4918, DOI : 10.1039/C7GC02167D 

Synthèse écoresponsable d'oxazolidinones catalysée par l'hydrogénocarbonate de diisobutylimidazolium biosourcé, Congrès SCF Grand Est 8, Mulhouse, 11 et 12 Mai 2017

Imidazolium and Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate Salts as Eco-friendly Organocatalysts for Oxazolidinone Synthesis, XVIIIème journées de l'école doctorale Carnot-Pasteur, Dijon, 18 et 19 Mai 2017

Méthode innovante de recyclage de liquides ioniques biosourcés, XIXème journées de l'école doctorale Carnot-Pasteur, Dijon, 11 et 12 Juin 2018  

Organic synthesis (ionic liquids, valorization of biomass), electrochemistry, electrosynthesis

Spectroscopic analysis methods (NMR, IR, UV)

Intellectual property awareness, technology transfer, contacts and testing of samples with industrialists in specialty chemistry