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A publication in Nature Protocols

A publication in Nature Protocols

Global mapping of RNA G-quadruplexes (G4-RNAs) using G4RP-seq

(in Nature Protocols (2022))

The G4RP-Seq method was developed to assess the prevalence and relevance of RNA quadruplexes (G4 RNA) in the human transcriptome. This protocol was invaluable as it confirmed the widespread formation of transient G4-RNAs in living human cells, and showed also the transcriptome-wide G4 level changes induced by in vivo G4 ligand treatments. This results thus provided unique insights into the therapeutic mechanisms of G4 ligands. Initially published in Nature Communications (2018) and then in Nucleic Acids Res. (2019) this protocol was and is quite popular: we have thus improved it and we now make the full details required for its successful implementation available to all in Nature Protocols (2022) (IF = 13.9). This work is part of our long-lasting collaborators with the team of Judy M. Y. Wong (UBC Vancouver, CA).

Sunny Y. Yang, David Monchaud and Judy M. Y. Wong

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