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  • ROMIEU Anthony
  • Statut : Full-Professor
  • Team : PD2A
  • Function : Researchers
  • Second team : Search support
  • Function in second team : Researchers
  • Tags : Bioconjugation and peptides, Molecular imaging, Photophysics, Synthetic chemistry
  • ORCID : 0000-0002-2300-4499
  • Address :

    ICMUB Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l'Université de Bourgogne
    Bât. MIRANDE - Aille B - Bureau B-R27A
    9 Avenue Alain Savary
    21000 Dijon – France

  • Tél : (+33) 380 393 624

Engineer in chemistry from the National Higher Chemistry School of Montpellier (graduated in June 1995). From October 1996 to April 1999, i did a Ph.D. iunder the guidance of Drs. J. Cadet and D. Gasparutto (laboratory of Nucleic Acids Damages, CEA-Grenoble) where i worked on the synthesis and biophysical characterizations of modified oligonucleotides bearing altered nucleosides (related to oxidative stress). After serving for two years as CNRS study engineer in the lab of Prof. B.-P. Roques at the University Paris 5, in the fields of medicinal chemistry and peptide synthesis, i joined in June 2001 the private biotech company Manteia Predictive Medicine (located in Switzerland and spin-off of the Serono group) as a senior scientist in bioorganic chemistry. The core business of this company was devoted to the development and commercialization of an original high-throughput DNA sequencing technology. Following a restructuring, leading to the acquisition of Manteia by Solexa Ltd. (this latter company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Illumina, Inc. in January 2007), i was appointed as lecturer in bioorganic chemistry at the University of Rouen. From February 2004 to August 2013, i co-facilitate with Prof. P.-Y. Renard the bioorganic chemistry research team from the COBRA lab (UMR CNRS 6014). In September 2013, i was appointed as a full professor at the University of Burgundy and a junior member of the French University Institute (IUF). I also joined the ICMUB laboratory (UMR CNRS 6302) and my current research interests mainly focus on the development of advanced chemical tools ("smart" optical (bio)probes, novel fluorogenic reactions, and cross-linking reagents for multiple bioconjugation) for biosensing and bioimaging applications. I'm co-author of more than 90 scientific papers and co-inventor of over a dozen patents; three of them are actively being pursued by the Illumina company ("Genome Analyzer" DNA sequencing technology).

(1) Development of high-performance engineered organic-based fluorophores for biological imaging.
(2) "Covalent-assembly" type probes for biosensing/bioimaging.
(3) Novel multivalent molecular platforms for rapid multiple bioconjugation.

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(1) Organic synthesis (multi-steps, photochemical, asymmetric) of various molecules: biomolecules, cleavable and/or traceless linkers, fluorophores (acridine, coumarin, cyanine, diazoic, DPP, oxazine and (hetero)xanthene), N-heterocycles (polypyridyl ligands) and organosilanes.

(2) Bio-organic chemistry: synthesis of modified nucleosides, nucleotides and amino acids. Post-synthetic modification (fluorescent labeling, introduction of PEG and/or cleavable linkers, or reactive functional groups: thiol, ...), photochemistry et enzymology of nucleic acids. Advanced organic chemistry in the context of peptide synthesis (cyclization, fluorescent labeling and vectorization of inhibitors). Bioconjugation techniques (wet chemistry) applied to nucleic acids and proteins (click chemistry, ...).

(3) Automated solid-phase synthesis: peptide synthesis ("Fmoc/tBu" strategy, ABI 431A, 433 and Symphony/Multiplex) and opligonucleotide synthesis ("phosphoramidite chemistry", ABI 392).

(4) Surface chemistry: cleaning (etching), silanization and functionalization of glass surfaces (formats: slides and microchannels).

(5) Analytical chemistry: purification by HPLC (RP, regular and ion-exchange), purification by size-exclusion chromatography (purification of proteins), HPLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS and ESI-MS (QUATTRO micro, Micromass, LCQ Advantage MAX (ion-trap) and MSQ Plus, Thermo Scientific) analyses, spectroscopic characterizations by IR and RMN 1D/2D (1H and heteronuclei), photophysics (Abs/Ex/Em spectra, absolute/relative fluorescence quantum yields, ETE). Development et validation of QC procedures for the analysis (purity and stability) of raw materials (chemical reagents).